Hello, and welcome to Bloom Designs!

I am very excited to share my online boutique with you and offer some fun and pretty products that are inspired by nature and my paintings.

My journey as a creative acrobat has been an amazing adventure so far, and this is another chapter that I am thrilled to embrace... I have worked professionally as a make-up artist and production designer in stage, film & television. I have had many one-woman art shows. I have designed the decor and flowers for many large events, globally and have been the behind the scenes interior designer on eight TV renovation shows for HGTV and other networks. I told you I was a creative acrobat, just haven’t joined the circus, yet :). 

 For a long time, I dreamt of bringing my love for interior design and painting flowers, together.  However with running my own busy design firm and raising my son, there never seemed to be enough time! Then in 2018, I got diagnosed with cancer for the 2nd time and this one really took me down physically, for quite a while. But being the blue-assed-fly that I am (never able to sit still), I seized the moment and started BLOOM DESIGNS! As  you know, nature has reputation of having healing quality, well, I honestly believe creating Bloom, has healed me.

 I believe strongly in following one's passion, so thank you for taking the time to join me in mine!



My work...